Boliş Ambalaj & KauçukBoliş Ambalaj & KauçukBoliş Ambalaj & Kauçuk
OSB 2. Cad. No.6 BOLU

6 Reasons to work with us

Professional Team

With our young, dynamic and innovative staff, we are increasing our 100% customer satisfaction oriented working policy in the fields of quality, production and sales with the experience and knowledge we have gained day by day. With the importance we attach to our colleagues, we offer them a working environment for continuous education and learning. In all our work together, we optimize costs for the benefit of our customers and produce affordable solutions.

Premium Material

With the importance we attach to customer satisfaction, we analyze and test the raw materials and auxiliary materials we use, and the product after production and production, in accordance with the relevant quality management system, in order to produce robust, quality, standards-compliant, innovative and original products.

High Capacity Equipment

We pay attention to the use of high-capacity equipment in order to increase work efficiency and quality in our production process. By closely following the domestic and international developing technology, we direct our investments in this direction in order to use them in all our processes.

Expert Solution

We offer innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers' packaging and rubber needs and problems with our expert staff.

100% Food & Environmental Compliance

In order to protect the environment and ensure sustainability, we produce all of the products we use from 100% recyclable materials in order to leave a more livable and clean environment for future generations by complying with environmental regulations. In addition, our products pass the tests determined by the European Union in order to be suitable for food contact.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal in our solution-oriented approach is to work with the principle of zero error in production, thus minimizing customer returns after production. You can always send us your complaints, suggestions and requests from our phone and e-mail addresses in the contact section.

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