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OSB 2. Cad. No.6 BOLU


A Box

A-Box parcel bottom and top covers are produced as a single piece of corrugated cardboard, with the ears glued or sewn, attached to the main body. All the covers of the standard box are the same size. The outer covers meet in the middle of the box. The distance between the inner covers varies depending on the box length-width ratio. Due to their economical production and use, corrugated cardboard boxes form the bulk of sales and are used as transport packaging for many products. It provides high efficiency and low cost in production and use. Although these boxes are suitable for every sector, they are mainly used in the packaging of the following products;

Solid Products,
Liquid Products,
Plastic Products,
Textile products,
Sensitive (fragile) Products,
Durable Goods,
Glassware Products,
Chemical Products,
Detergent Products,
Saddlery Products,
Metal and Metal Products,
Automotive Products

Cut Box

The difference that distinguishes the Cut Box from the standard A-Box box is that the folding and locking method is different. This method provides great convenience during packaging. The cut box reflects your imagination with its cuts that meet all needs. Companies that produce different products have the opportunity to show their products more easily with specially cut boxes, which are necessary for activities such as transportation and exhibitions.

Case Box

The Case Box is used with and without lid, for fruit, vegetable transportation and packaging made with industrial robots. It is generally produced as hand-held for easy carrying. While providing superior protection, printing and design possibilities, it also provides the most suitable solutions for supply chain requirements. Design suitable for production lines, closure at the end of the line with tape or glue, production with sewing and bonding alternatives, hygienic, material properties suitable for cold storage and 100% recycling. Today, instead of wooden and plastic crates, crates made of printed or unprinted corrugated cardboard are preferred.

Cardboard Angle Bracket

Angle brackets are used for packaging sensitive or heavy products during transportation. It is placed on the corners and edges of the packages, protecting them and preventing possible damage. Forklifts used as loading/unloading machines in warehouses and ports damage the transported goods by hitting the bottom of the packages or pallets. Angle brackets prevent these damages and eliminate your customers’ complaints.

Honeycomb Panel

Honeycomb, which is an innovation in the packaging industry, is a packaging product with a very high vertical carrying capacity, which is obtained by cutting 100% paper material at a certain height and sticking it together with glue in the vertical direction, giving it a honeycomb appearance and laminating papers of the same quality on its vertical surface. It is used instead of materials such as mdf and chipboard for under or over pallet protection. It is used in the textile industry as a thickener in the furniture industry, in the manufacture of light panels, and as a separator in the packaging of aluminum or similar profile materials.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard consists of a layered structure obtained by combining two pieces of cardboard. While one of these cardboards is flat, the cardboard that will come on it will be in a curved state. In this way, cardboard is usually formed by giving C-shaped folds. The strength (durability) is to provide sufficient strength for the area where it will be used, if it is shock-absorbing or in the form of a box. Corrugated is used in the construction industry to protect parquet, protect ceramics, protect marble, and protect tiles. It is also used in the furniture, food and aluminum industries.


The separator is used to separate the products placed inside the parcel and to prevent contact. The separator is in cardboard form and is preferred as single corrugated cardboard. In some cases, it is also requested as a plug-in separator. In such cases, slits are opened with a separator, and thanks to these slits, interlocking is achieved. It provides maximum protection against impacts. It is used to prevent scratches and damages as a result of contact of sector products such as Food, Electricity, Furniture, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Plastic, White Goods, Transportation, Textile, Printing.

Plastic Boxes and Separators

It is a product that stands out with its recycling feature, durability and reusable feature. Corrugated plastic boxes and separators are suitable for use in many sectors. It is designed for long-term use and reversible operations. It is not affected by temperature changes between -30C and 90C. It is impact and moisture resistant. It can be reused after being sterilized with water and detergent. The surface does not hold dust. Resistant to acids, chemicals and solvents. It is suitable for industrial use.

Styrofoam Foam

EPS Expanded polystyrene is a material used as a separator with its shock absorbing and heat insulation properties, produced by inflating and bonding white polystyrene particles with closed pores, thermoplastic in foam form, obtained from petroleum. It has a very wide usage area.

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