Boliş Ambalaj & KauçukBoliş Ambalaj & KauçukBoliş Ambalaj & Kauçuk
OSB 2. Cad. No.6 BOLU


Sealing Gaskets

Different geometry sealing gaskets are used to prevent any kind of substance from leaking between mobile or stationary industrial equipment. The most suitable rubber raw material is selected according to the place of use and working conditions, and the product is designed and produced.

Vibration Wedges

Vibration wedges, also known as vibration or vibration dampers, absorb the energies of moving machinery or equipment and help reduce their vibration. They are designed according to the place and purpose of use, and they are produced with connection parts (screw, washers, etc.) or only in the form of rubber.

Miscellaneous Technical Rubber Seals

In order to meet the needs of many different sectors, especially the automotive, white goods and food sectors, we produce gaskets in raw materials and designs in accordance with customer requests. In addition, we provide all kinds of technical support to our customers during the design phase, ensuring that the right product is produced with the right raw material.

Mold Manufacturing

We design and manufacture the molds required for gasket production in-house. Thanks to our design and production experience, we offer our customers high quality products at the right time and at affordable cost.


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